Run. Run. Run.

I’d forgotten how amazing it felt to feel the wind push against you as you move – 

one foot in front of the other. 

I run to the beat of my own heart. 

Each time a new thought comes into my head, I stomp my foot against the ground,

as if crushing the pain that’s going through my head,

pushing the thoughts away each time my foot makes contact with the concrete, sand or grass. 

I put my headphones in and turn the volume up. 

I push.

Hard and fast.

A fresh burst of energy breaks free and I sprint.

I forget the world. 

I forget everything except the pressure of the wind against my breath and the earth beneath my feet. 

I stare ahead, focused on my destination. 


I keep sprinting until my muscles scream at me to stop.

I slow…

To a run..

A jog… 

A brisk walk… 

Then eventually a gentle walk. 


A few hundred meters to let my muscles relax.

I breathe some oxygen into my lungs.


The next song on my playlist starts.

I run again.

To the beat of the music this time.  

1 (beat) 2 – 3 (beat) 4 (beat) 5 – 1 (beat) 2 (beat) 3 – 4 (beat) 5

Nothing else matters when I’m running. 

There’s nothing going on in my head except the music blasting from my earphones. 

I run.

And I run.

And I run.

I run because when I do…

I’M in control! 


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