Look at the people around you. How would you know?

Age, Rage, Gender & Size play no part in determining who is at risk of developing, or even who is suffering from, an eating disorder. Anyone can be affected by this illness and it’s easily overlooked. Look around you. If you’re sitting in a public place, look at the people who are sitting close to you. Look at the people walking by. Any one of them could be fighting a demon within themselves and you wouldn’t even know by looking. Any one of them could be fighting for their life this very second, and you wouldn’t know. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any other mental illness. They take years to recover from; 7 years, in fact is the average period of time for recovery. The mortality rate of Anorexia Nervosa is 20%. One in five sufferers. Doesn’t that astound you? Doesn’t it make you think? 

It’s statistics like this that make me so furious when someone makes a flippant comment about ‘wanting to have Anorexia for  while’ or wishing they were Bulimic so they could eat what they want and not gain weight. It’s a serious illness to have, the same as cancer. You wouldn’t say someone who’s just come from a round of chemo that you want what they have, would you?

We don’t deserve to feel like we need to hide behind a black curtain of shame, like we should hide our illness from the world so we aren’t percieved as attention seeking. So we aren’t looked down upon, or judged. So we don’t have to listen to stupid, flippant comments about our illness that is tearing our world and our lives apart. So we’re not ostracised for society for fighting a demon we’ve no control over.



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